C1_W4 Assignment

After many attempts I still can’t get an acceptable accuracy score. Is there a possibility that it is due to my camera or perhaps I did not take correct photos for sampling? I am pretty sure that my code is ok.

Hey @Sotiris_Gkouzias,

Capture approximately 50 sample photos for each shape category (e.g., Rock, Paper, and Scissors). While taking the photos, ensure you move your hand across the camera to cover a wide range of angles and positions. Additionally, consider experimenting with various model architectures to enhance your results.

Thank you very much sir. I will follow your advice and try again (I will add more units to my dense layer as well)!

Unfortunately it turns out that when I train 50 samples for each class I have memory leakage issues! I have already tried about 5 times with no luck. So perhaps I should change my code some how to cope with this and I could not figure it out till now…

Can you send me your notebook via DM @Sotiris_Gkouzias