C1W1/server.ipynb Kernel Restarting in Docker Container


For the Course1 Week1 Lab in MLEP. I have cloned the git repo, pulled the docker image, and successfully run the container. Although when I am executing the Jupyter notebook the kernel keeps restarting when I get to the cell to define the method ‘detect_and_draw_box’. I have run into previous problems with this before when I am running TensorFlow in a python virtual environment locally due to OS and Versioning issues with my system. But I do not understand why I would get such and error when running the Docker Container that was provided for the lab. Is any one else having this issue? Or know what may be causing it? Or how to fix it? Docker is my best shot at running the lab locally. As I am currently on Mac OSX Big Sur with the M1 architecture (meaning I can only run TensorFlow v2.5.0 at the moment and updating my OSX to be compatible with Tensorflow v2.7.0 is not an option). Any insight or input would be appreciated.


I’m able to run all cells of both server and client files following instructions here on linux.

Have you seen this link?