C1w1: ungraded lab: kernel restarting

Hi everyone,

When I try to run the cell contains detect_and_draw_box, I always get kernel restarting thing.
Look below.
How can I resolve this?

Looks like the problem comes from the following line.
import cvlib as cv

If I run the above cell independently, I get the kernel restarting as pop out as well. Does any one has the same issue as me?


Hello @mingwang
some learners founded helpful the following thread or this other one for such kind of a problem.
Please take a look at the Tensorflow version. Insert the following code into a new cell and run it

print(‘TensorFlow version: {}’.format(tf.version))

Please let me know if it worked.

I have the same problem. everytime i run that cell the kernel dies. did you find a solution?