Kernel dying when importing cvlib

In the Week1 Ungraded lab, whenever I am trying to import cvlib, a message pops up saying that the kernel has died and it will restart automatically. Did anyone else face this issue? Any fix?

If you are you talking about the cell containing def detect_and_draw_box in server.ipynb, please reach out to coursera help regarding this (I’m able to run the cell without any problems).

If not, provide more context into which notebook / cell you’re referring to.

I am running the notebook in an Ubuntu Virtual Machine. All the other cells are running without any problem but that particular cell, which imports cvlib is affecting the kernel.

I tried creating a new cell, and just imported cvlib in that, still it is causing the same problem.

I will try running the notebook out of my virtual machine.

Try running the notebook on coursera environment.
If you run a notebook outside the recommended environment, sharing the jupyter logs could help.

I’ve encountered the same problem on Mac M1 Max chip. I used the docker method as mentioned in the github link. How do I generate logs for Jupyter? Should I open a new thread?

I’ve asked someone with Mac M1 to respond to this thread in the mentor lounge. Please follow the other thread as well.