C1W3 - Grader Failing - Unable to find defined method layer_sizes


My C1 W3 Test Submission Fails because the defined function layer_slices is not being detected by the auto grader, even though the method is present and all the ‘tests’ that are part of the notebook actually passes


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Did you perhaps delete a cell and then try to replace it?

Or have you downloaded the notebook file to use on some other platform, and then uploaded it back to Coursera for grading?

Either of these can delete the metadata that the grader uses.

You are right , i accidentally deleted layer_slices cell and recreated it from a back up on to a new cell. This caused the grader to Fail and not recognize that cell/layer_slices method.

In order to fix, I took a backup and reverted to a checkpoint (in Nov 2023) and overwrote the methods from my backup. Now the submission passed. Thanks

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