C2_W1 Assignment 1: Autocorrect -- 3.1- Edit One Letter Unit Tests

The unit tests for this section don’t properly exercise the allow_switches parameter (nor does it appear in the code block prior).

As I found out, if that param is not handled properly it ultimately causes an issue in 3.2 - Edit Two Letters where that parameter is properly exercised.

Hi !
Are you referring to the correct assignment of the correct course? the assignment referred in your topic is belonging to POS tagging.

Can you please elaborate what you mean by not "properly exercise"d ?
Also what issue is it causing in 3.2?

I encountered the same issue. I think Anthony_Laforge means that the unit test for the edit_one_letter function (3.1, Exercise 8) doesn’t test if allow_switches were used. But the next unit test (for edit_two_letters) does. Therefore it’s hard to find this bug in the code when you debug it.

Thanks for your input. We will take note of this in our unit test kit.