C2_W1 / Part3.2 allow switches

Hello there’s a similar post to this but I am still confused about the C2_W1 assignment 3.2 exercise 9 edit two letters. What are we supposed to do with the switches again? I passed both True or False and still get the same error:
Wrong output type.
Expected: 7130.
Got: 7154.
Wrong output type.
Expected: 14206.
Got: 14351.
18 Tests passed
2 Tests failed
Please let me know, thanks!


Hey @Qingyang_Li,
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In the function edit_tow_letters, you receive a parameter allow_switches. Now, whenever in your implementation, you call the function edit_one_letter, you just need to pass this allow_switches to the call. Whatever value will be passed to edit_two_letters when it will be called, the same value will be passed to edit_one_letter, and voila, we are done! Let us know if this resolves your issue.

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Oh hi thanks for the welcome Elemento, cool name. I play elemental shaman in wow if you know what that is lol.
Well I tried both passing the allow_switches True and False and still get 2 wrong results again. At this point I’ll just look at it as a minor implementation erorr and move on. I do understand what this switch does I think that should be enough.
Also thanks for moving the post to the right spot.

Hey @Qingyang_Li,
Apologies for the delayed response. I am glad you liked the name :partying_face: Can you please check your DM once?


Did not work by passing allow_switches to call.

still got 2 test error.

what is the actual troubleshooting here? I’m not able to figure out it.

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I solved the problem by applying 2 things:

  1. Passing allow_switches argument into edit_one_letter (it is used in the edit_two_letters function logic). It is also necessary to check allow_switches in if-else construction before adding the result of switch_letter to the final set in edit_two_letters.

  2. allow_switches should be checked in edit_one_letter as well. If it’s true, then you should apply switch_letter.

So, we should check switch_letter both in edit_one_letter and edit_two_letters.

thanks all , this worked also for me : using “edit_one_letter(word,allow_switches)” in edit_two_letters.