C2_W1 / Part3.2

Hello everyone.
I am facing technical issue to complete C2_w1. I score 90/110. The problem of the low score is related to the ‘edit_two letters’ fuction as in picture.

I do get the first expected results corrected but then when i run the # Test your function
w1_unittest.test_edit_two_letters(edit_two_letters) I always get same error.

Would someone have advice/hint how to overcome this? SHould i give further info in that i share my code?
Thank you for your consideration.
Andrea Mucchietto

The error message doesn’t tell me much. Check your eidt_one_letter and edit_two_letters function. And, did you pass in “allow_switches” when you call them?

Thank you very much for your reply.
I would like to send here below a piece of my code regarding the edit_two_letters.
THe allow_switches is set by default to true (as it was suggested originally in the code)

Need to pass in allow_switches when you call those functions, because allow_switches is default to true, it can be false in some test cases.

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thank you very much for your reply :slight_smile: