C2_W1_Assignment - Excercise 4

The last part of C2 W1
Exercise 4 is not grading when I submit assignment

Can you show what does the grader output show on submission for exercise 4 with a screenshot of your grader output


It states that one of the None has to be replace with your code

Check that cell again.

All none had been replaced and besides my answer should not have match expected output if there is presence of none talkless of passin the test

if you want you can send exercise 4 cell codes via personal DM. Click on my name and then message.

Please post a screen capture image that shows the first few lines of the dLdOmega_of_omega_array() function.

For example, it should look like this:


Why do you have those two import statements? That’s not correct.

when its throwing type error

Don’t just add random code that wasn’t mentioned in the instructions.

Every time you open the notebook, you have to run all of the cells starting from the top, every time.

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