C2 W1 Coffee Roasting Lab: Loading different data and commenting out the cell

Hello everyone !
Can you please explain this line to me ? Why fo we need to load different data and how can we comment out the cell ?

Thank you in advance

I have edited the title of this thread so it identifies the specific part of the course.

First, if you want to do your own experiments, I recommend you do not modify the original copy of the notebook. Save a copy as a notebook, and do your experiments there.

You can use the “File” → “Make a Copy” tool.

Those weights are hard-coded there so that the rest of the notebook will give the expected results, even if your earlier code to compute the weights doesn’t work correctly.

You should be able to directly edit the contents of that cell.

If you can’t, then use the “View” → “Cell Toolbar” → “Edit metadata” selection. Then you will have a tool in the upper right corner of each cell, where you can edit the attributes for each cell. There you can set the cell to be editable, if it isn’t already.