Issue With Week 2 Linear Regression Lab Code

I finished the lab and ran all the codes that are being graded correctly, however, I was given a 0% on the lab. Looking at the mistake, it is part of a cell that I can not edit anymore, meaning I can not reverse the accidental addition of “%%!” in the non-graded cell. I did not mean to tamper with this cell, and it happened accidentally. What can I do to fix this issue?

Use View → Cell Toolbar → Edit Metadata

Then click on the “Edit Metadata” button next to that cell.

Then change the “false” to “true” and click “Edit” to save the changes.

Now you can edit that cell.

Thank you! I was able to edit the cell and get rid of that error but was hit with this one now

Every time you open a notebook, you have to run all of the cells starting from the top of the page.

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