Why do I keep getting 0% when I have successfully completed

What is wrong with the grading bot in the required Lab assignment for week 3. At one point I had all but cell 17 correct, but it keeps giving me a 0%. Now I have confused myself with the lab because I tried more than 100 iterations of different code throughout the exercise. Now I am not getting as many of the cells correct, but trying to locate where I went off path is nearly impossible. Additionally, cell 17 which was causing me to completely fail this assignment is not even a cell that we can edit.

Please advise.

I’ll check the grader shortly, but most likely there is nothing wrong with the grader.

The grader tests your code with a different test case than was used in the notebook. So (for example), you can get errors if your code uses hard-coded constants or global variables that are not provided by the grader.

“Errors from a cell you can’t edit” usually means that the function that cell calls (which is usually a graded function that you modified) is failing some test.

It would help a lot of you post a screen capture image of the error messages.

You can learn what the grader is unhappy about by opening the grader feedback and reading its messages.

You may (depending on the course) need to click on a > icon in order to open the feedback for a specific graded function.

Please post back a screen capture image of any error messages you see from the grader.

At his point, your easiest path may be to get a fresh copy of the notebook and start the assignment over. I can provide instructions for this if you need them.

Update: I checked the grader, it is working normally.