I could not run my copy

I have modified the data in the original programming task of week 2. Can you send me the original notebook? Then I tried my own version under another name and it says that all tests are passed. As far as I have understood the instructions all comments must be deleted. So I did. But then I read that without this comments the evaluation is not possible.

Here’s a thread that explains how to get a clean copy of any notebook. Note that if you have renamed the notebook, then clicking “Submit Assignment” will grade a different notebook: it always grades the one that is opened by the “Open Lab” link.

I have problems with the comments. Should I delete them? Have you the original notebook insofar as I have made changes in it and its comments!

There is no need to delete any comments. There are some comments in the fresh copy of the notebook that may be used by the grader, so please do not modify those in any way or it may interfere with the operation of the grader.

I gave you the instructions for getting a clean copy. Then carefully “copy/paste” over just your solution code from the “YOUR CODE HERE” sections into the clean copy. No need to make any other changes outside those areas.

So I need the original version of the Notebook. Do you have one?

Dear Sir!

I have deleted all comments. So I need the original version! Have you one?


Richard Kunstwadl

Please read my first reply on this thread. I told you where to find the instructions to get yourself a new copy. I prefer not to just send you the copy. If I attach it to a thread here, then that copy persists and if people find it later, it may not longer be the current version. The assignments do get updated here on a frequent basis.

The point is that you can do this for yourself and it’s a good thing to know how to do in case situations like this arise again. Please read and follow the instructions linked on that thread.

Dear Sir!

I have restituted the original code for Week_2. But I don’t come to terms with the code matrix to back substitution. I found a simple solution, which works, as all tests past. But in evaluation I didn’t get all points.


Richard Kunstwadl

If the grader does not give you full points, the first step is to click the “Show Grader Output” link and see if there is any additional information there about the nature of the problem. Please show us a screen shot of what you see there. You can use the little “Up Arrow” tool on the reply toolbar to upload the image.

But here are a couple of general things to keep in mind:

  1. Just passing the tests in the notebook does not guarantee that your code is completely correct. The grader frequently uses different test cases. E.g. there are lots of errors you can make by hard-coding things to match the particular test cases that are visible to you.

  2. If you have not yet completed all the sections of the notebook, it frequently means that there are syntax errors in the remaining sections. If the grader gets a syntax error anywhere in the notebook, then it can’t run anything and you get 0 points for everything.