C2_W1 Exercise 10: Final test is failing but not sure why?

I’m getting this despite all other unit tests passing with the output matching exactly whats given apart from Exercise 10.

My output is this … entered word = dys
suggestions = [‘myst’, ‘days’, ‘d’, ‘desp’, ‘us’, ‘ways’, ‘lays’, ‘de’, ‘do’, ‘does’, ‘rs’, ‘dogs’, ‘yes’, ‘by’, ‘ry’, ‘aye’, ‘as’, ‘is’, ‘dyed’, ‘dog’, ‘ay’, ‘tis’, ‘did’, ‘dyer’, ‘my’, ‘dye’, ‘boys’, ‘dun’, ‘eye’, ‘dies’, ‘his’, ‘die’, ‘dost’, ‘was’, ‘day’, ‘ass’, ‘s’, ‘says’, ‘pays’, ‘y’, ‘dry’, ‘due’, ‘dust’, ‘du’, ‘dar’, ‘has’, ‘eyes’, ‘ye’]
word 0: (‘myst’, 1.865184466743761e-05), probability 1.000000
word 1: (‘days’, 0.0004103405826836274), probability 1.000000
data type of corrections <class ‘list’> and the unit test output is this …

Wrong output values.
Expected: [(‘days’, 0.0004103405826836274), (‘dye’, 1.865184466743761e-05)].
Got: [((‘myst’, 1.865184466743761e-05), 1), ((‘days’, 0.0004103405826836274), 1)].
Wrong output values.
Expected: [(‘star’, 0.00013056291267206328), (‘sat’, 5.595553400231283e-05)].
Got: [((‘sail’, 7.460737866975044e-05), 1), ((‘sir’, 0.0021636139814227625), 1)].
Wrong output values.
Expected: [(‘say’, 0.0019770955347483865), (‘can’, 0.0019211400007460738), (‘an’, 0.0017719252434065728), (‘man’, 0.0013242809713880702), (‘son’, 0.0007274219420300668)].
Got: [((‘sala’, 5.595553400231283e-05), 1), ((‘fans’, 1.865184466743761e-05), 1), ((‘sons’, 5.595553400231283e-05), 1), ((‘wan’, 1.865184466743761e-05), 1), ((‘sea’, 0.00024247398067668894), 1)].
6 Tests passed
3 Tests failed

I’m sure it’s something small but I can’t see it right now

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Please DM the screenshot of the grade cell codes you failing in the above comment.

Don’t post the codes here.