C2_W2_Assignment grading error?

Hi everyone. I’ve been facing strange error in grading for quite some time. All my codes passed unit tests and I’ve re-submitted quite few times just but still got 0 grade.
Here is screenshot of “Grades” section. As you see there is a message saying there was some kind a problem compiling my code, but I didn’t get it.
Lab ID: njbltnwrkcpt.
Any ideas what is happening?

Finally found issue. Apparently I’ve accidentally deleted meta data while running over cells.
How I solved? Steps:

  1. Renamed File
  2. From “Help” menu loaded latest version of lab
  3. From “File” menu opened new ‘latest version’. PS: not the renamed file
  4. Solved all exercises again and submitted

Hope in the future someone faces the same issue, this will benefit.