C2_W4 Graded Assignment- Unable to solve the error/ Graded 0

I passed all the tests, still graded 0 on the same. Kindly Help

What is the detailed report from the grader?

Please post a screen capture image, and click on any of the > markers that show the detailed report.

sent you personally on inbox

I did not ask to see your notebook - just for you to post the grader feedback here on the forum.

{mentor edit: code removed}

Please do not share your code on the forum. That’s not allowed by the Code of Conduct.

Please share your detailed grader feedback also.

really sorry about that, here’s the grader feedback

In compute_information_gain(), the w_left and w_right values are based on X, not y.

fixed the same, still shows these errors

In compute_entropy(), before you can use the p1 variable, you have to give it a value.

Your code doesn’t do that when the length of y is zero.

okay, fixed that. But now, I’ve passed all the tests still grader shows 0