W4_A2_ValidateApp_Grader output Issue

Oh! This is the 2nd user who is facing the same issue but in C1 W4 A2 @paulinpaloalto @Mubsi

Here maximum layer_dims is [12288, 20, 7, 5, 1] and num_iterations = 2500.

@Meenakshi_Banga! This is a known issue (not your fault). Please wait for the response from Mubsi.


Thank you for informing me @saifkhanengr !

Hi @Meenakshi_Banga,

I have submitted the assignment few times myself just now, and everything is working as it should be. Can I ask you to try submitting again and let me know what you encounter ?


Hi @Meenakshi_Banga,

I have sent you a direct message regarding this.


@Mubsi @saifkhanengr I have shared my Lab ID yesterday. Any Update?

Hi @Meenakshi_Banga,

At the start of the notebook there’s:

**Important Note on Submission to the AutoGrader**

Before submitting your assignment to the AutoGrader, please make sure you are not doing the following:

1. You have not added any extra print statement(s) in the assignment.
2. You have not added any extra code cell(s) in the assignment.
3. You have not changed any of the function parameters.
4. You are not using any global variables inside your graded exercises. Unless specifically instructed to do so, please refrain from it and use the local variables instead.
5. You are not changing the assignment code where it is not required, like creating extra variables.

If you do any of the following, you will get something like, Grader Error: Grader feedback not found (or similarly unexpected) error upon submitting your assignment. Before asking for help/debugging the errors in your assignment, check for these first. If this is the case, and you don't remember the changes you have made, you can get a fresh copy of the assignment by following these instructions.

This clearly mentions if you do any of the listed things you will run into errors.

You changed the existing code in your assignment. While it worked fine in the assignment, but the autograder was not designed to expect the changes you made.

This is from Ex 1. The left side is from your assignment, and the right side is how it is originally:

In here, you made the plot function part of the exercise when it was supposed to be a separate function in the same code cell. Changed the return values. Also, removed the cell that followed.

And this is from Ex 2. The left side is from your assignment, and the right side is how it is originally:

In here, as you can see, you not only introduced a code to plot, you removed an entire cell block. Changed the return values.

I took a fresh copy of the assignment and wrote your solutions in it. Your solutions were correct, but the extra modification in your code was making the grader timeout.

You should see two assignments in your workspace now. org_Deep Neural Network - Application.ipynb, this is your previous notebook. And, Deep Neural Network - Application.ipynb, this is the notebook with the original version of the assignment and your solutions. Try running this and you should be able to get full marks after submission.

As a rule of thumb, and as mentioned in the note, don’t change code where you are not supposed to.


Thank you for your help… received my certificate