C2-Week 1 lab - given 0 marks for a task that I have completed

submission for week1 lab generates 0 marks for “Completion of prepare data.py file”.

I made the change to the variable in the python file (src/prepare_data.py)and saved it (File → Save Python File ).

The changed python file was also uploaded to sagemaker per lab code (!aws s3 cp ./src/prepare_data.py s3://$bucket/src/C2_W1_prepare_data_Learner.py)

I checked the objects existed in the S3 Locations before submitting lab for grading.

This is the 2nd attempt at this lab so have no idea why am being given 0 for this task.
Can you please advise.

Hi @PDS_Mentors,

Can one of you help here ?