C2_Week 3 Assignment: Data Pipeline Components for Production ML

C2_W3 assignment issues

I have a problem submiting my work !
For exercise 1 feature slection i have the display as expected but notation said i failed !!!

Next exercise 2 , whatever the directory i gave as parameter it doesn’t work !

So I can’t progress !

Would you mind, providing help ?


Please click my name and message your notebook as an attachment.

As far as exercise 1 is concerned, I don’t see any problems running things in the coursera jupyter environment. Am I missing something? Here’s the output of your notebook cell:

For the 2nd exercise, input_base of CsvExampleGen should point to the directory containing csv files as its immediate children. In your case, data directory contains just contains training directory as its immediate child and hence the problem.


Fpr the first exercise if i have the rigth output i shloud have the correct notation validated …

For the second exercise i will have a look at file location: i hope i would succeed ; if not will come back to you.

I will check that during this week and let us know what hapened next week.

Thanks for your swift answer.



I checked and found something wrong in my answer exercise 2 !
Seems it works fine know.
I will complete the notebook in coming days to finish this step.
Thanks for your help.



Again I coming to you.
I progress in the notebook but after a while i decided to submit it and see that there is an issue with the notation, having many time the message below:

There was a problem compiling the code from your notebook. Details: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘outputs’


I don’t see where it comes from !

In attachment my notebook.

Would you mind again , helping me ?


[snippet removed by mentor]

You have not completed exercise 7. To grade a partial submission, use # grade-up-to-here as shown here

Few things:

  1. Posting code / notebook in public is likely to get your account suspended. So, please edit your reply and remove the notebook. It’s okay to share stacktrace.
  2. Do share the expanded graded feedback and the notebook as an ipynb attachment via a direct message to me (click my name and message)

Seems i suppress my message and not delete only the attachments.
I’m confused …

As the notebook stacktrace shows, you’ve not used instance of tfx.types.standard_artifacts.Schema but an instance of tfx.types.standard_component_specs.ImportSchemaGenSpec.
The variable user_schema_importer has the schema inside it (see the previous cell where you access it).

Cover_Type will display as an INT field. Hope this reply helps.