C2W3 Grading failed

I was trying to submit my assignment but the “Grading failed” always popped up. One thing that should be notified is my notebook has no any “error” messages. May somebody help me?


A couple of suggestions…

First, check out this post by Chris, Assignment Troubleshooting Tips.

Second, attach a screenshot of the error, so perhaps it will trigger someone’s memeoy if they had seen it before.

I am experiencing a similar issue with the grader. No errors in the notebook, but when it comes to grading, an error is displayed under Show grader output.


Hi Zenville! Welcome to the community! As mentioned above, please check first if you’ve satisfied all conditions here. If so, then please check these next two:

  1. The notebook should be saved before submitting. Please click File > Save and Checkpoint and see that the timestamp at the top of the notebook is updated. Else, the grader might get an old state of the notebook.

  2. You might have used the #grade-up-to-here comment somewhere in the notebook. That will cause the notebook to ignore the rest of your code. That tag should be removed if you’re not after partial grading.

If there is still an error after all these, you can reply here. Thanks and hope this helps!

Hi Chris,
There is a grading issue after the submission of C2W3 assignment although results are all matching the expected outputs. Can you please look into this as I have been trying all sorts of workaround but couldn’t make it through. Attached is screenshot.

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I am experiencing an issue with the grader!! I was trying to submit my assignment for the ‘C2W2_Assignment’, although there was no errors in the notebook during compilation, when it comes to grading, an error is displayed ’ and the grader shows ‘0’ as a grade.
Please advice!!

Hi everyone! Please check if you’ve satisfied the conditions mentioned here. If so, then you might have a corrupt grader metadata. Please rename your notebook and get a new copy (instructions here). You can then copy your old solutions into the new one, save, then try to resubmit. If you’re still getting the same results, please post a new topic in the public MLEP C2 category so more mentors can see your issue. Thank you!

where you able to resolve this error

Is your problem resolved now ?
I am facing exactly the same problem

I have tried all your instruction but till get the same errors


I am having the same issue with the C2W1. I have checked all the notes and cleaned the empty cells, but it is not working even for the first exercise.

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Posting solution code in a public topic is discouraged and can get your account suspended. It’s okay to share stacktrace on a public post and send code to a mentor via direct message. Please clean up the post. Here’s the community user guide to get started.

It’d be helpful if you could share the text of grader feedack (expand and copy the text)