C2W3_Assignment Grading

I’m encountering a problem with the C2W3_Assignment. Although I am getting all the expected outputs, I keep receiving this message:

I’ve tried the suggested method of generating a new notebook and copying my code into it, but unfortunately, this hasn’t resolved the issue. Does anyone have other tips?

If you have refreshed your workspace and the error happens only during grading, please click my name and message your notebook as an attachment.

You’ve left the # grade-up-to-here tag in Curating the Schema section 4.5 of the notebook.
This is why code inside Serving Environment fails the tests.
Please fix the notebook.

The instructions state: “Use this feature by including the comment #grade-up-to-here in the last cell that you wish to be evaluated”, as I initially only wanted a solution up to Creating the Schema Section 4.5. Why is it then not fully evaluated? When I put #grade-up-to-here in Exercise 6: Define the serving environment, I receive 0 points for all tasks.

Please click my name and message your new notebook as an attachment along with screenshot of grader feedback.