C2W3 Partial grading score = 0 when rescored

My programming assignment was graded 69/120 initially but is now consistently graded at 0/120 despite using the same code at the beginning.
Is there any way to fix this?

This is the error I am getting from the submission
There was a problem compiling the code from your notebook. Details:
‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘outputs’

Hi Isabelle! Welcome to the community! If you are done with the assignment, please check if you have a dangling # grade-up-to-here tag somewhere. You should remove that. On the other hand, if you are not done with the assignment yet, you should use the # grade-up-to -here up to the cell that you want to grade. That tag is usually the cause of this type of error. Hope this helps!

Hi Chris

I have checked for this string but couldn’t see it anywhere `# grade-up-to-here```


It looks like I can grade it once a day but if I try to grade it again the same day I am getting the same problem.



I see. But are all cells now running and you’re getting the expected output? Or is the assignment not yet complete? If it is not yet complete, then you need to use the # grade-up-to-here tag on the last cell that you want to grade.

Hello again. It was brought to my attention that there’s a recent uptick of missing metadata from learners’ notebooks. That’s why the grader is not detecting some graded cells. It’s possible that that is also the issue here. You can try refreshing your notebook using the instructions here then paste your solutions there before resubmitting. This is when you have successfully completed all exercises in the notebook. If you’re only after partial grading, kindly follow the tips here.