C2W4 Ex. 2 Hazard Ratio wrong answer

Hi. I am having a problem with calculating the hazard ratio. My code doesn’t pass the tests and I can’t find the root cause.
The error is:
Error: Wrong output. One possible solution: make sure i = 1 and j = 5

All other tests are passed. My formula seems to be ok and my answer appears to be very close to the correct one. I didn’t do any rounding but my answer is 15.029038554669134, while it should be 15.029017732492221

Hi @Mateusz_Kowalczyk,

I can help you with this issue, but I need you to send me a direct message with your code to check the problem.


I am guessing something in the notebook changed which shouldn’t have had. Fetching a new copy of the notebook helped resolve this.

Thank you Mubsi for solving my issue :slight_smile: