Problem with calculating hazard ratio

Hi. I am having problem with calculating the hazard ratio between two individuals.
The following code doesn’t pass the tests and I can’t find the root cause. It there really a problem with calculating the ratio? To me it seems the problem might be somewhere else.

HI @Tomas_Prinda ,

Welcome to the community! this is your first time posting :slight_smile:

Regarding your question, the solution is in the formula. Check out carefully the formula and you’ll notice that you are missing an important operation in the (case_1 - case_2). More specifically, see carefully the first formula on this section.

Try that and let me know how it goes.



By the way: Please remove your code - it goes against the Code of Honor to post code :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hi Juan, thanks for a quick reaction.
What I think is missing is the transpose operation. But as the inputs passed to the function are 1D, it shouldn’t matter. Also when tried with transpose the result is the same.