C3_W1_Assignment 0/10 for Test Model

Hi, I have a question about the assignment for Natural Language Processing with Sequence Models week 1, C3_W1 Assignment.

For the “Test Model” part, my assignment got 0/10. But my notebook passed all unit tests in the python notebook. The output only shows “There was a problem grading your submission. Check stderr for more details.” like below:

How can see the stderr of the grading output?


Hello and Welcome to our community @tangl99 !
There is a chance that you changed something that wasnt supposed to, please have another look on the code and try to submit again :slight_smile:

I don’t recall what I changed in the notebook. How can I see the original version of the notebook? Then I can compare it with my latest version.


  1. Open your notebook at Coursera
  2. Rename it
  3. After renaming just add ?forceRefresh=true to the end of your notebook URL
  4. Hit enter
  5. You now have old renamed version and new refreshed to default one

I hope this will help!

Hi, I’m facing the same problem, did you find a solution?

I do not arrive to fix this problem…