C3_W1_Assignment Problem

Dear all,

After completing C3_W1_Assignment , I am graded 0 in all the sections despite of answering most of them completely .
I tried it 2-3 times , but same issue is their again.

please help as its already overdue

What do you mean by most of them?

Some of the assignment has interconnected grading, failing to pass even one of the grader cell can cause you submission failure.

Kindly share more information about where you are encountering the issue.


Please click on the down-arrow and post back a screen capure that shows the detailed grader feedback.

There are many reasons why this can happen. Sometimes it is a defect in your code, sometimes it is due to using an old copy of the notebook file.

We should be able to tell if you provide more information.

Note also that you cannot submit a partially complete notebook. If you leave any “None” statements in the notebook, the grader will crash and give your 0 points.

It appears you have copied and pasted a line of text into that code cell.

Here is what the cell looks like in the distribution copy:

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@Gopal_G, note also that your question is about the MLS specialization, but you have posted it in a thread about the “Math for Machine Learning” specialization.

Please be careful to put your messages in the correct forum areas.

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By most of them, I mean except 2 or 3 exercises; I have got same output for all as shown in expected output. If I am using partial grading then its getting graded but if remove the comment for partial grading then none of the exercises are getting graded.

This means there is an error in your notebook which is making the grader crash.

The “grade up to here” tag rarely works correctly, because the grader will still crash if your code contains any runtime errors (or if you leave any “None” statements in the notebook).

It would help if you post a screen capture image that shows the detailed grader feedback. I requested this in my reply from two days ago.

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Thanks for support, sir.

Actually I had left a “None” statement mistakenly.

Thanks again.