C3_W1_KMeans_Assignment Error post submission

Hello Everyone,
I am getting following error after submitting KMeans_W1_Assignment

Cell #3. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: SyntaxError(‘invalid syntax’, (‘/tmp/student_solution_cells/cell_3.py’, 5, 1, ‘


It gives option to “try again” and re-submit the assignment . And same error is produced again.

I tried following steps
Kernel → restart and clear all output
Cell → run all

Yet, the same error is reproduced and problem persists.

Please help me out, I can share the workbook page .

Thanks In Advance

Hello bijaylaxmi,

this error can come if there is a version discrepancy related to your current assignment you are working on. Please save a copy of the assignment you have worked.

  1. Click file, then open, here you will find your assignment notebook, select the files and delete it.
  2. Next you will find a 404 error, at this time on the right top corner, click help, and then Reboot.
  3. Once Rebooting is done. Click Help again, then Get Latest Version and Update Lab.
  4. Then re-do the assignment by looking at your saved copy and submit. You need to run every cell from starting till end before submitting the assignment.

Make sure, before trying these steps, you look at your notebook, if you have no error related to any cells.

Let me know if your issue is resolved.


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Hi Again Deepti,

I followed your instructions and was able to submit the assignment without any error.
As you have mentioned to check any error related to any cell in the notebook. Earlier version of my notebook had error with the “Hint” section cell (not sure if it contributed to error).

Thank You so much.

Happy to help!

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