Error on Programming Assignment

I seem to get the following error when I go to submit my programming assignment in course 1 week 3 - I have tried raising a report however I haven’t heard anything back. Can someone please point me in the right direction to maybe reload the week 3 programming assessment or how to remedy this error?

Cell #UNQ_C3. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: SyntaxError(‘invalid syntax’, (‘/tmp/student_solution_cells/’, 60, 25, ’ dj_dw_ij = \n’))

That error message is very specific. Are you sure no syntax errors occur if you do “Cell → Run All”? Have you tried searching the notebook for the string “dj_dw_ij =” to see if there is anything funny there?

It is a legitimate theory that something is damaged about your notebook. If you want to try with a clean copy, there is a topic about that on the MLS FAQ Thread (see topic B.5).

@Timm_Schneider , have you perhaps downloaded the notebook to your computer, worked on it locally, then uploaded it back into Coursera Labs?

You might also try deleting the two lines of code that start with "dj_dw_ij = … ", then re-enter them from scratch. Don’t copy and paste, that would preserve any whitespace errors.

Thanks for your response - it is all sorted now.