C3_W2 Assignment issue

Where to submit the answer in the course 3 week 2 assignment. I am not sure. Please guide.

One cell reads as “# You can use this cell for your calculations (not graded)”
next cell “# Run this cell to submit your answer

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You would need to run the 2nd cell in each question.

I tried the assignments by coding for all that had some calculation.
class Utils:
def exercise_n(n_sides, weights):



n_sides = 6
weights = [1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1]
Utils.exercise_n(n_sides, weights)

verify your solution.

Next block:
utils.exercise_n() — press enter to answer

Please note that exercise 8 has wrong solutions. The solutions look wrong since “4” cannot have a chance of outcome. exercise_6 is also a bit confusing since 0.5 anyways cannot be the probability of any of the sums. So basically they are saying that we need to find the highest sum for the highest probability in the distribution which should be 7 and not 6. But I am getting wrong if I give 7 as the answer.

I am also unable to figure out how to submit the answer. Running the second cell outputs:

FloatText(value=0.0, description='Mean:')

FloatText(value=0.0, description='Variance:')

Button(button_style='success', description='Save your answer!', style=ButtonStyle())

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