C3_W2_Collaborative_RecSys_Assignment | test 1 | R all zeros

Hi all,
The first unit test is failing for me:
it is expecting 27, but getting 0.

When I print R, I see it is all 0s – this explains why I am getting J as 0 (because we only accumulate the error if R[i, j] = 1).

Is this a mistake in the unit test or did I misunderstand something?

Hello Daniel,

Welcome to the community! I suppose your current implementation does not include regularization, otherwise you would have a non-zero cost even if all R values are zero. You may first test your work with the following cell which is right below the public test cell:

If your work can pass this test, then you can add regularization to it, and then run the public test again.


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I thought the first test was for the non-regularized version.

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You are welcome. We have made some suggestions about this to the course team.