C3 W2 RecSysNN Assignment problem

Hey! hop you all doing fine, I’m getting this error in test case, can anyone suggest me what is going wrong depite the code produces the same expected values, I’m getting confused about it.I can’t even change the atol=1e-8 to higher accuracy in testcasefiles. where should I look for this error in my code??

Hello @Hasham_Akram

Check if you have implemented J correctly

Step 1. J code where it mention under the loop below ( notice the position of this code is not same as the other two steps as it comes under loop

step 2 then J = J/2

step 3 then regularized implemented J code


Hi ,
I am also getting similar Error .
are you able to fix it ?

I had the same issue. The reason for the error was that R[i,j] was misplaced.

The issue was that my code was written as:

# mentor edit: code removed

And so the Y[i,j] term is not multiplied by zero. In order to fix it, I changed the code to be as follows:

# mentor edit: code removed

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

@Richard_Wessels, please do not share solutions to the assignments on the forum. That is not allowed by the Code of Conduct.

Better if you describe how you fixed the issue in general, rather than posting the code itself.