C3_W2 labs issue

labs won’t run - no arrow next to the ‘in ’ for any of the code windows.

Try reseting the kernel!

you mean restart from the kernal menu in the lab notebook?

no joy.

Hi @drstitson,

Could you share a screenshot of the issue ?


can’t screen shot but problem is absence of the >| you click on to process the code in each box (ie top left, outside the box) which transforms ‘in ’ to ‘in [*]’ whilst busy then ‘in [number]’.

Hello @drstitson,

This means there could be issue with network connectivity with the Coursera environment.

Can you try clearing your browsing and cache history, then log out and re-login in Coursera and check if the issue still persist?

As you are unable to share screenshot, still it is unclear why you are facing this issue.