C3 Week 2 - Error in 'Deep Learning for Content-Based Filtering' Assignment

The code under ’ 5.2 - Predictions for an existing user’, in C3 - week 2 - ‘Deep Learning for Content-Based Filtering’, returns an error that seems to lie in the ‘get_user_vecs’ function. Screenshot of the code and error message are attached.

Hi @Charlypocket,

Please add the following line right above uid = 2:

print(user_train_unscaled) # <-- add this line

uid = 2
# form a set ....

then run the code cell again, and share with us everything printed underneath the code cell. After that, please remove the line.


Hi Raymond,

Re-ran all the cells today and got the expected results. Thank you nonetheless for your reply.

Excellent! Probably printing the message I asked will also lead to rerunning all the cells. However, seeing that message can convince better us to do the rerunning.

Enjoy the rest of the course Charles :wink: