C3W1_Assignment deep n grams

Anyone gives your code or help me how to fix this error

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Hi @Mohsin_Saleem,

try using the functions that were presented earlier in this notebook for both of the lines you have to complete in this exercise.

Also, please remove and don’t post solution codes, it is against the code of conduct.



Hello @Mohsin_Saleem

With what the NLP tester mentioned you precisely towards right direction, I also want to add another point, to make sure you are doing the updated version of the assignment as I can see your grader cell looks totally different than mine.

I am sharing screenshot of my grader cell for Exercise 1 - line_to_tensor :point_down:

To get a fresh copy of the updated assignment, follow below steps

  1. Click file, then select open. You will find all the files related to the assignment. Go ahead and delete the assignment notebook by selecting the particular notebook.
  2. Once deleted, you will find 404 not found image on your browser. Then close the browser.
  3. Open the assignment page again, when you open you will find 404 not found.
  4. At this time, click Help on the right hand top corner, where you will find Reboot. Click reboot.
  5. Then click the same help on the right hand top corner, then click Get latest version and then Update lab.
    Voila you have a fresh copy of your assignment notebook

Use below two images hints to resolve your code issue which are part of instructions given in the assignment


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ok thanks

Ok sorry

Did your issue got resolved?

No I’m stoked in this exercise :face_with_head_bandage:

please help me

are you stuck at the same grader cell? line_to_tensor??



Kindly confirm first did you get a fresh copy of your assignment? and does your grader cell match with the grader cell line to tensor image of mine?

yes fresh copy

Then did you try to implement chars and ids according to the image I shared??

yes mam I did try but now error not resolved

show me error screenshot which only includes you error in details and no parts of the codes.


check expected output same but unit test showing error

I do not see you making any change in your codes as per the error image you have shared.

First can you confirm, did you get an updated copy of assignment as you are still working on an older version of assignment.

Read my previous comments again and again. You need to put effort from your side in reading the responses correctly.

can you tell me how can I update copy of assignment

Read this comment again, it has instructions on how to get an updated or latest copy of assignment notebook

Delete option not showing ???