C3W1 "Flight Simulator" Does Not Exist

The ML Flight Simulator exercise described here:

does not seem to exist. If the learner selects “Go to next Item,” expecting a Flight Simulator example, it instead goes to the C3W1 quiz, which is about bird detection in Peacetopia. Please fix.

Hello am003e,

The exercise is same. The page that you read in the first place on ‘Flight Simulator’ (Week 1) was just giving you an idea on what kind of exercise it would be in Week 2. Please don’t get confused with the change in the name of the Quiz exercise later.


Here’s the proper assignment you will have to work on Flight Simulator in Week 2.


But you made a good point. It would be better to shift this page in Week 2 instead of week 1.

Hello @Mubsi, could you please check this one. Thanks!

Thanks Rashmi for the reply. Just to clarify, the text below is on week 1 and precedes a bird detection project for Peacetopia.

The flight simulator text is “Consider airplane pilots who’s training involves time spent in flight simulators. These flight simulators accelerate the pilots’ learning by allowing them to experience a volume and variety of scenarios that they otherwise may have needed a much longer time to acquire. … The following exercise is a “flight simulator” for machine learning. Rather than you needing to spend years working on a machine learning project before you get to experience certain scenarios, you’ll get to experience them right here.”

Then there is a link for bird detection Peacetopia.

However, even if this were placed in Week 2, it would still be incorrect. The project in week 2 is “Autonomous Driving” and involves (non-flying) cars, not aircraft. Therefore, I believe full removal of the Flight Simulator page (including text and image) is warranted. It will also be necessary to update the section header metadata which is incorrect. It currently says “Machine Learning Flight Simulator” for the section header and then the (only) item within is “Autonomous Driving (Case Study)”

You had raised a good point am003e.

I have asked @Mubsi to go through this section once and make the necessary changes (if required).

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Hi @am003e,

I believe the answer you are looking for is right in the text you just shared.

The description describes that instead of placing pilots into real aircrafts, they are placed into simulators so that they can learn and gain experience. Imagine, an inexperience pilot handling an aircraft, would put a lot of people and themselves in danger. Hence, they trained in “simulators”.

With that being said, the reading item is “Machine Learning Flight Simulator”. Meaning, instead of diving straight into the field, the quizzes which follows, are a simulator for you to learn about how Machine Learning projects are and how they work.

Machine Learning Flight Simulator is just an introduction to the quizzes. And the quizzes are “simulators” for you.

I hope this all made sense,


Omigosh that is quite the extended metaphor… I now see that the “certain scenarios” the text refers to are in ML rather than flights! If I’m the only one who saw this as a bug maybe we leave it huh. :slight_smile: