Machine Learning Flight Simulator: Marked Completed ... but

Weel 1. Machine Learning Flight Simulator
Is there a link to the project or the simulator on the page that I missed?
This has been marked completed but I didn’t actually do anything …
What am I missing?

Hi @JoeDS,

The ML Flight Simulator is not a project or simulator as such, the reading item is an introduction to the quiz that follows.

Happy learning,

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I’m on week 1 of "Structuring Machine Learning, and are on “Machine Learning Flight Simulator”

“The following exercise is a “flight simulator” for machine learning. Rather than you needing to spend years working on a machine learning project before you get to experience certain scenarios, you’ll get to experience them right here.”

Can you confirm if there is a “separate” reading material that is not included in this page? or reading that page is enough to mark is as complete.

oh okay, I get what you mean @lucasmanual. That reading item is just an introduction to the quiz that follows. So yeah, just reading it is enough to mark it as complete.

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The text is somewhat misleading. Hope they change it to indicate what it really is. I was excited as I was expecting to read through some “flight simulator” material but it’s a “bird detector” quiz on the next link.