Machine Learning Flight Simulator

How do I access the “Machine Learning Flight Simulator”

Yo need a magic wand and some super powers for that @wmartin

Just kidding! There is no real ML flight simulator!

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Ahhh. OK. Thanks for the reply.

For a moment I thought that would be awesome :).

However, wondering if ML could actualy be applied to automating flight landing (using either Comp Vision or Laser sensors) given it’s ability to be accurate ? Could we combine image data, flight data and respective changes made to (values of) various controls to build an accurate landing sequence ?

Hi @prashanth_raju ,
your thoughts are very much in the direction of several startups which are researching and trying to create autonomous vehicles. Computer Vision combined (sensor fusion) with other sensors and with the help of deep neural networks, are the current secret and trend for autonomous cars. If you have a Tesla, you can already use this feature to some extent and we expect it to extend to complete automation in 5-10 years. Maybe earlier!

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