C4-Week3: Anyone experiencing an issue with the grader?

Hi Mubsi,

The issue still exists - “Platform Error”.


Did you try to get a fresh copy and re do your assignment? like the other learner did!!

Hi Deepti,

Yes, I did.

Did you try look into your codes, if you could have gone somewhere wrong?

if you still cannot find then, send the notebook via personal DM. Click on my name and then message.

Hi everyone, I am having the same issue. I tried a fresh workbook for both exercises of Week 3, but the same issue persists “Grader Error: Grader feedback not found”. Any advice would be appreciated.

Check your codes again if you have done any error. Use search tool for finding similar posts with solutions.

This is pretty much the same error I was facing with the programming assignments. Although this error in first programming assignment got resolved on its own but there’s still the same error in the second assignment.

I am not getting this second assignment error. Please create a new post with screenshot of your error. you can tag me in that post.

I am facing the same issue for the both programming assignments in week 3. The issue hasn’t resolved yet. The grader gives the same outputs:

  1. Grader Feedback not found
  2. Platform error

I tried submitting new assignment copies, but didn’t workout.

Same here, it’s getting frustrating

Hi all,

Please follow this post for updates regarding this technical issue.


Hi all,

Coursera reported that they have resolved this bug now.

I have checked. The graders are working now.

Please try again and let me know. If you come across the same error, it would now be possible that there’s something wrong in your code.


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Hi @Mubsi

Yes. I was able to submit the assignment.

Thanks a lot for the support.

hi @Mubsi
yes. i was able to submit the assignment
thanks a lot for the support