C4W1 Unable to Resubmit Week 1 Assignment

I am still working on the course. I originally got a 90 on the assignment. After (re)going over the assignment, I found the error. However, although the lab loads and is editable (otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to run and test the function producing the error), there is no “Submit” button showing.

Thanks for the help.


Hi @Paul_Kornreich,

I’d recommend to download/rename your current assignment file and fetch a fresh copy (the instructions for which can be found in the first week, before the first assignment) of the assignment. Let me know if doing that fixes anything.


When you reply back, kindly tag me in the post so that I’m notified.

Whoever fixed this, a big Thank You!!!

Was able to get it re-submitted and got it perfect this time.

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