C4W2A1 getting AssertionError: Wrong values when training=True

I keep getting AssertionError: Wrong values when training=True. I see in the changelog for the lab that training parameter was removed and thus I should not include them in the solution but this error pops up. Can anyone guide me in this? Thank you.

The test works properly on the latest version of the notebook (just ran the test).

Please note that there is no training parameter in the signature for convolutional_block. So, don’t worry about setting the training state.

Hi could you help me understand what I am doing wrong? I do not want to post my code here.

Sure. Here’s the feedback after seeing your snippet:

  1. The bug is in this section of the function ##### SHORTCUT PATH ##### (≈2 lines)
  2. Pay attention to what you pass in as the input to the layer. See the provided reference image to understand from where input is taken.

It hasn’t been removed entirely - just from certain parts of the assignment where it wasn’t needed and caused much confusion.