Course 4, Week 2, Assignment 1, Exercise 2

I am getting below error. What should I do?

AssertionError: Wrong values when training=False.

First, do not post your code in the discussion group. That’s not allowed by the course Honor Code.

I deleted my code right now.

Did you modify any of the code in the ‘first component of the main path’?
Did you modify the ‘training’ argument inside the function?

No, I didn’t modify.

I did not see any problems with the code you posted. But apparently there is a problem with how you handled the “training” argument.

Maybe try saving your notebook, the restart the kernel and clear all the output, then run all of the cells again. Check carefully every output cell for any error messages.

I’m going off-duty for the night, so won’t be able to reply again for several hours.

I solved the problem. Thank you!

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I had the same error. Now it is fixed. To fix it in my case what I did was checking the inputs on each operator (or layer).

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Yes, that’s right. I fixed the problem by same way.