C4W3 Grading problem

I recieve Mean Absolute Error when trying to submit my notebook
INFO:tensorflow:Assets written to: saved_model/my_model/assets

0/100Score: 0 of 100

Grading failed

  • Grader Error: Grader feedback not found


This is a known technical problem. It’s been reported to DLAI staff.

Yes I’m having the same problem in two courses in the Tensorflow Developer Professional Certificate C1W1 and the MLOps C2W2, please we need some help to solve the issue.

The fix is to wait for Coursera to fix it.

I’m having the same issue in C4W4. Just for better understanding: Is there anything we need to do from our side (e.g., contact Coursera HelpDesk) or should this be solved by itself? Thanks a lot.

It’s already been reported.
Hopefully Coursera will fix it soon.

A few students reported the issue has been resolved. Try submitting your assignment again and see…

Hello everyone! I found a solution, at least a temporal one for now. As the problem was related with metadata I not only refreshed the environment (deleting the folders, archives and then getting the lastest ones) but I also deleted all the cookies related to Coursera on my browser (I use Edge) and that allow me to get the 100points I deserved on my course in MLOps.

I hope this solution also works for you! :smiley: !!!

I do not think that was necessary.

Coursera fixed the issue about six hours ago. That’s when students started reporting that they could submit their work for grading successfully.