C4W3 - TFX on Google Cloud Vertex Pipelines (pip install error)

Hi everybody,
when running the provided notebook, I receive the following errors during the packages’ installation

As a result, I cannot create the pipeline and complete the assignment.
How can I fix this?
Thanks for your help.

Thanks for reporting. The staff have been notified to fix this.

Hi Giuseppe! Welcome to the community! Those packages are not critical to this lab so the message can be safely ignored. The important thing is to restart the kernel so the installed packages can be imported. The lab can be completed without modifying that line. Aside from restarting the kernel, you need to check two important things:

  1. You should put your GOOGLE_CLOUD_PROJECT in this cell:

  1. After you’ve deployed the pipeline, check that you toggle the Region dropdown to us-east1. That is the default zone used in this lab so that’s where you’ll see the pipeline.

I just did the lab now and was able to complete it successfully. Nonetheless, I’ll send a ticket to Qwiklabs so they can add a note about the error. Thank you for reporting!

thanks for your help.
Actually, I couldn’t find the pipeline 'cause of the wrong region, I feel so stupid now. But I could successfully complete the assignment, so thank you again.

Don’t feel that way Giuseppe! We’re all here to learn. Glad you’re able to complete the lab!