C5W1A3 - need help with function


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    notebook: Improvise_a_Jazz_Solo_with_an_LSTM_Network_v4
    Hi I run notebook in google colab but it does not work with function:
    X, Y, n_values, indices_values, chords = load_music_utils(‘/data/original_metheny.mid’)
    But the notebook run ok in Jupiter (provided by Course).
    Can anyone explain this, Please.
    Thank you and Best regards,

I would guess that you have an incompatible version of some package installed via Colab - maybe via one of the imports in the preprocess.py file.

Hi Mr.TMosh,
It helps alot, thank you so much <33
I checked the version used by Course:

I suggest anyone who use google colab should try this to avoid conflict. Also the dtype in numpy.zeros does not accep np.bool anymore, bool should be used instead.

Thank you Mr.TMosh
Have a good day <3

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