Improvise_a_Jazz_Solo_with_an_LSTM_Network_v4 in PC

I tried to run this exercise in pycharm, but it got error as shown (the white one is used on coursera website), now I just want to run this experiment on my personal computer, thank you very much for your advice.

I can’t see which line threw that error, so it’s a bit hard to say more based on that. But the high level point is that it is not enough just to copy the notebook file to your local environment, right? You need the entire directory of files. There is a topic on the DLS FAQ Thread about how to download everything.

Once you have that, then you face the problem of “versionitis”: these notebooks were last updated in April of 2021, so they use the versions of all the associated python packages that were current at that time. This whole world of python mutates really quickly, so you can’t just assume that things will work with whatever current versions you happen to have installed. There are no official instructions for how to deal with this, but here’s a thread with some good pointers.

this is traceback

and I think I have been download all of the files, and I didn’t do this lab in the coursera, I only want to finish it in PC, looking forward to your reply

@paulinpaloalto this is the traceback

We’re primarily concerned with whether you can run the notebook in the Coursera Labs environment.

Most likely, as @paulinpaloalto mentioned, you have some package installed on your machine which isn’t compatible with the course notebook and its utilities.

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It looks like the failure is that some lower level function for processing the MIDI stream doesn’t like what it’s seeing in that file. I have never worked with those libraries or with MIDI files in general, so I don’t have any insight into what actually happens at that level. I think Tom’s theory is the first thing to investigate: as mentioned earlier, things change really rapidly in this space, so you need to use the matching versions of all the libraries. That thread I linked earlier has some ways to handle that issue.

Or if you want to directly debug this, it will involve looking at the source code for the MIDI functions and figuring out how to instrument that code to understand what is going wrong.

Or you could just run this on the course website. Your choice. :nerd_face: