Calculus for Machine Learning and Data Science: Week 1: Programming Assignment: Optimizing Functions of One Variable: Cost Minimization

I have completed all four exercises, and in my output, I am receiving confirmation that all tests have been successfully passed. However, after submitting, I am only receiving a 70% score with 0 points for exercise 1. I have tried all possible approaches to resolve this issue, but I am still receiving 0 points.

Can anyone assist me in understanding what I need to code? Even though the output indicates that all tests have passed, the grader is giving me 0 points with the following comment: “Failed test case: prices_A has an incorrect type. Expected: <class ‘jaxlib.xla_extension.DeviceArrayBase’>, but got: <class ‘numpy.ndarray’>.”

The first thing that comes to mind is, maybe you have accidentally changed a cell type somewhere in the notebook from “Code” to “Markdown” (or vice versa).

Check whether any of the cells appear to contain formatting tags instead of either python code or formatted text.

i checked the notebook but its correct its in code format

I have reviewed the code the code is correctly formatted with Python code and formatted text, and there are no formatting tags present in any of the cells.
please help resolve this issue

Update for those who may find this thread later:

Be sure that you do not add any extra code outside of the “START CODE HERE” areas. For example, don’t add any extra import statements, or read in extra copies of the data set.