Can I post a dataset on public github?

I am writing a Medium article based on the Happy Face programming exercises from Course 4. Can I share the data (train_happy.h5 and test_happy.h5) on a public repository like Github?

I will be making a proper reference to the course: “Deep Learning Specialization Course 4” and recommending people to take the specialization to find more.

Hey @Andrew_Marcus,
Welcome to the community. I am not really sure if this is a public dataset or a dataset owned by DeepLearning.AI exclusively, since nothing of that sort has been mentioned in the notebook or in any of the reading items of DLS C4 W1. So how about instead of uploading it yourself, you use one that has already been uploaded and has been there for years. Some of the references are as below:

Personally, I would recommend you to shoot a mail to DeepLearning.AI asking for rights to use this dataset, and make sure to cite DeepLearning.AI if they own the rights to this dataset otherwise cite the source that the team will convey to you. All the best with your blog, and do share your blog with the entire community :blush:


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Very helpful. Thank you.