Can I somehow "clear" my state on the platform?


I’ve been having an issue with one of the short courses, and I’m quite convinced that it is not an issue with my computer but with the platform because another user is having the exact same issue:

My issue: ValueError: could not convert string to float: 'message' - Q&A - #22 by indiaj27
The other user’s issue: Unable to run notebook - #19 by elirod

Essentially, I get an error with one of the notebooks, but I cannot really restart my kernel. I run restart + clear output, but when i refresh the page i get the same output back again. I tried switching to another browser entirely (from Chrome to Firefox) and the same thing happens and the output is saved across browsers. I’ve tried clearing all cookies/cache and restarting my computer/wifi but nothing is working and I cannot continue with the course.

Is it possible for someone to reset my state / session / kernels for that course to see if it helps? I created a new account and that fixed the problem, but I would prefer to use my original account.