Can we do C5 before C4?

I have finished C1, C2 and currently working on C3 of the DLS.
Can I jump to C5 which is the “Sequence Models” course before doing C4?
Anything from C4 needed for C5?

Appreciate any inputs.

Hi @Suhas_K_R,

I have just had a glance of C4 and C5, and I don’t notice any need to finish C4 first. Even if you really heard something about C4 in C5, you can also jump back for that particular thing before continuing with C5.

Let’s see if other mentors or learners have other comments.


The programming in C5 is a little more difficult than C4, and there are fewer explanations provided.

You might need C4 at least for the programming experience.

Thanks @rmwkwok and @TMosh for suggestions.