Can we get certificates for the short courses to put on LinkedIn?

Can we get certificates for the short courses such as this one to put on LinkedIn? Please advise if we can and if so where is the link to get started?

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No, the short courses do not offer a certificate.


Why not?

Not my place to give an opinion on that. I’m just a volunteer.

@Akshay_Ijantkar I’m just another learner here, not a volunteer, but I’d guess that it’s because these short courses are free. All code is provided for us, and the courses don’t have a testing or evaluation process, so a certificate wouldn’t attest to any actual knowledge or ability obtained. As a point of comparison, I completed two courses in the machine learning series (on Coursera) and obtained certificates for these last summer, and I can say that the rigor and depth of those courses goes way beyond what’s in these short courses. But this isn’t a complaint about the short courses. I’m very grateful for the growing list of free short courses (and also for the volunteer mentors in this forum). One suggestion might be to mention in your LinkedIn profile that you’ve taken the short course but in addition, develop your own project that demonstrates how you’ve applied what you learned in the course.